Mekong bike.

Built for the ride. Designed for the real world.


Refined, beautiful and elegant design.


The ideal urban city bike, with optional bamboo basket and bike rack.

Mekong bamboo bikes.

Handcrafted bamboo bikes building sustainable livings
for rural artisans in Vietnam.

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Bamboo bikes

Mekong bamboo bikes are made from super strong and sustainable bamboo. Driving a bamboo bike is unique; on rough roads it is a lot more comfortable as the bamboo bends gently and absorbs the shocks of the road.

Beautiful quality

Handcrafted by rural artisans in Vietnam, the frames are built for strength and come with a 3 year warranty. Parts are sourced from Asia, with a range of optional upgrades including Shimano Nexus gears.

Sustainable communities

Mekong bikes is a social enterprise bringing bikes produced by Mekong Plus and Mekong Creations to Australia, in collaboration with The Shop for Change. We believe in trade as the tool for building sustainable, economic empowerment.

Coming soon...

Be quick for our limited release of bikes coming very soon. Register your interest using the above form. We will keep you in the loop about our invite only shipment and provide further details about the bikes and test drives.

Sustainable bamboo.
Sustainable communities.

Rural artisans of Vietnam and Cambodia build with native, sustainable bamboo.
Every 3 bikes sold gives a family a better life for a month, with a better than standard income.




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